Founded in 1974, the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) is a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization. Our focus is two-pronged. The first is to provide a support network for our members, affiliated groups and vegetarians in general. The second is to inform the public about how vegetarianism benefits humans, other animals and our shared earth. We accomplish these goals through many means, including our quarterly magazine, developing and distributing other publications, hosting conferences, advising the media and assisting individuals with inquiries. Below is a brief synopsis of our programs and activities:

Vegetarian Summerfest

Since 1975, NAVS has organized and sponsored annual educational conferences (including three world events.) Our Vegetarian Summerfest conferences are open to anyone interested in learning more about vegetarianism. This national event attracts five to six hundred people of all ages. The many aspects of healthy and compassionate vegetarian living are addressed through lectures, classes and food demonstrations. This event features dozens of leading authorities including doctors, dieticians, chefs, authors and social activists. Delicious natural-food vegan meals are served. There are many fun-filled social activities. Special sessions are conducted for children and youth. To learn more, visit our Vegetarian Summerfest site.

World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day was established as an annual celebration to promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism. The day was originated by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977 and endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978. October 1st is the official date, however if necessary, individuals may schedule their event on a nearby date instead.

Vegetarian Voice

NAVS members receive “Vegetarian Voice” our quarterly news magazine that takes in-depth looks at a wide variety of essential health, nutrition, environmental, animal protection and consumer issues. Additionally, each issue of the magazine features wholesome recipes from talented cooks and experienced chefs and cookbook authors. Every issue reviews books and other products of interest to this special audience.

Join NAVS now and you will receive our 40 card recipe set. This popular collection features favorite recipes from seven popular cookbook authors.

Independent Affiliates

NAVS provides assistance and offers special benefits to our 145 plus local Independent Affiliated Groups. We help new groups get started – and help them keep going – through consulting services, free and low-cost literature, referral services and workshops at our annual conferences. NAVS also established a Local Contact program, featuring individuals who act as information sources in areas of the country where no local vegetarian groups exist.

Educational Literature

NAVS publishes and distributes low-cost booklets and flyers including the very popular “Vegetarianism: Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions” (hundreds of thousands distributed). Our literature helps people understand vegetarian diets, lifestyles and principles, so that they can make more informed choices about their diet and health.

Support Service

In addition to the other services mentioned above, NAVS regularly assists the broad vegetarian community, the general public, the media, educators and other organizations through direct contact by phone and e-mail.